Yoga for personal growth



Yoga in Vienna for personal growth

This past week, how much have you been in charge of what you did? Were you living from your own choice and decisions? Or have you been living someone else’s intentions, desires, needs, or expectations?

In this  Yoga class in Vienna, we will be exploring 6 areas of our lives and our mind-bodies, strengthening our core and awakening our personal power. With the help of a fiery yoga and dance practice, we decide where to direct and focus our attention, and become proactive in making changes in our circumstances in accordance with our intention.

This Yoga class in Vienna is an introduction to the 7 week personal growth yoga course. It is aimed at beginner-intermediate yogis, that want more from yoga than just a kickass body. See more here.

Highlights & Extras

  • build your personal growth
  • find your inner freedom
  • stay in shape

Benötigtes Equipment

  • water


I am a 200 h Yoga Teacher with more than 6 years of yoga experience and 2 years of teaching

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  • Sonntag


  • 18


100 Minuten

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