Herizon Training: Setting Goals that last



Herizon Training:

Plan a happier, better, stronger Q1

It’s the New Year, and we all know the drill: Setting goals and (mostly) giving up on them by the end of January. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, join this workshop with the Feel Cool Coach, Carol Perez!⁠

Let’s get you planning in a way that actually works, gets you excited, and motivated as well as sets you up to achieve your goals!⁠

⁠In this workshop, you will: ⁠

⭐Set your plans up for success⁠

⁠⭐Explore what matters to you⁠

⭐Draft a master plan for the first quarter of 2021!

Bring your sunglasses (yes, really!) , a notepad, a pen and MARKERS!

Benötigtes Equipment

  • Bring your sunglasses (yes, really!) , a notepad, a pen and MARKERS!


Meet your Trainer: Carol Perez I grew up believing that the only purpose of my existence was to be accepted and loved by others. I started to live the linear life (shut up, study, work, work harder, buy stuff, show off, buy a flat, etc.). I was trapped in someone else's life, and it didn't serve me anymore. However, you can't control the world, but, you can control your reactions. It’s YOU who decides!. That's when I decided to take ownership of my life. I was feeling totally unprepared, uncomfortably courageous, but ready to shake up my reality. I have reinvented myself several times, and I'm here to help other women do the same. @thefeelcoolcoach & https://thefeelcoolcoach.mykajabi.c

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  • 19:30


90 Minuten

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